Sig SG 551 Limited Edition 1 of 250

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Last updated: July 02, 2010

West Coast Armory & SIG Sauer presents a limited run of 250 SIG SG 551s 
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 

Where did these SG 551's rifles come from?

These rifles were built out of new SIG 551s that were held in a bonded warehouse. The BATF witnessed all 250 receivers being cut, with the barrels being left at the warehouse.

They had to have the listed parts replaced, including the barrels because of 2 importation bans, 1 on rifles and 1 on barrels. The USA made parts were selected to keep prices down and quality up, but still not a cheap task.

All of the upper receivers had to be serial numbered to the lowers; due to the fact the lowers already had number on them from the original rifle. This was a tedious task that required some extra time and effort to match all the numbers.

The SIG magazine prices have not been decided; the website listing was a test and will change shortly.

We are working on accessories for these rifles. From diopter sights to 22 pellet conversion kits. It is time consuming but making progress.

All accessories we acquire, if any, will be offered to the purchasers of the rifles, in the order that they were purchased.

Sig then took the maximum number of swiss parts allowed and produced this limited run.

This answer was provided by West Coast Armory.

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How to order your very own SIG SG 551
How to order your very own SIG SG 551